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Brittany's Philosophy

My practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible, and to be much kinder to myself and others. My philosophy is to remain focused on yourself, which can be difficult in today’s world of social media and constant comparing ourselves to others. All classes offered are suitable for all levels and modifications to any postures are encouraged.

Class Descriptions:



One on one yoga sessions offer a chance to connect directly with your teacher and focus on your individual practice. Whether you are new to yoga, looking for a way to deepen your practice, recovering from injury, or just do not feel comfortable in group classes. Whatever your reason I am here to support you in reaching your goals.


What to expect-

Learn mindful yogic breath

Understanding the structure of each pose

Posture modification 

Work on specific postures 


Private Yoga or meditation Session

Gentle Yoga 

A yoga class with a gentle, compassionate approach for spiritual and physical healing and deep relaxation. Class will start with breath work, we will move into deep stretching postures and the focus will be on holding the postures and letting go. Expect to leave this class feeling calm and relaxed.

Intro to Ashtanga (a vinyasa practice)

Although this class may be intense and challenging it is suitable for all levels. We will combine breath and movement to create internal heat and a cleansing sweat. I will breakdown the structure of each pose. Connecting breath and movement encourages calm focused attention for strength, flexibility, and relaxation. Expect to leave this class feeling invigorated. 

Kids Yoga 


Kids Yoga is a great way for your child to get in a workout, build strength and flexibility while having fun. We always start with a brief introduction of what to expect in class, followed by breathing exercises, focused flow, some unstructured "play yoga", and to close we bring it back to a calm place where we can quiet our minds and say goodbye to each other. Kids and adults are always encouraged to take breaks when desired.

Hatha Yoga 
Hatha Yoga is a gentle to mild practice where we hold static postures for a longer period of time while focusing on the breath and mindfulness. This class is designed to create flexibility and patience on and off the mat.  Expect to leave this class feeling calm and relaxed. 
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