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Nutrition Counseling for disease prevention and healing chronic mental and physical illness 

I believe we all possess the ability to heal ourselves naturally. The foods we eat are typically the cause of disease and ailments. By removing toxins from our diet and eating only nourishing foods with proper exercise we can bring our body to a state of optimal health.

I have been studying holistic nutrition and functional medicine for over a decade.  Many of my clients have restored their health and their waistline by removing toxic foods from their diet. I take a whole food approach that encourages you to eat whenever you are hungry and not counting or restricting calories. Whatever your goals are, we can work together to meet them. 

Below is a list of common chronic medical conditions that can be treated with diet and lifestyle changes.

-high blood pressure
-heart disease
-chronic fatigue 
-chronic pain
-low libido
-stomach issues
-menstrual issues
-poor sleep
-heart disease 
-Learning disorders
-memory issues
-type 2 diabetes 
-rheumatoid arthritis 
-weight gain
-autoimmune disease 
-recurring illness
-chronic infections
-reduced immune function 

Nutrition Counseling Sessions $85 

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