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benefits of massage

Effects of Massage/ Bodywork Therapy

Cardiovascular effects

-proven to decrease blood pressure and heart rate

-decreases in systolic, diastolic, and arterial pressure

-increase blood flow to the skin

Lymphatic System and immunity

-improves lymphatic drainage

-reduces edema and lymphedema

-promotes increase in lymphocyte levels

Musculoskeletal System

-decrease tension in muscle-tendon unit and neural response

-increase ROM

-decrease DOMS

-decrease fatigue

-decrease pain (activates parasympathetic nervous system)

Connective Tissue

-improves healing time

-reduces scar tissue

-aids tendon healing

-assists in the treatment of tendonitis or ligament injuries

Nervous System

-increases dopamine

-increases serotonin

-decreases nervous system excitability

-improves sleep

-decreases anxiety, depression, and stress

-activates parasympathetic response

Endocrine System

-influences levels of multiple hormones

-improves production/absorption of insulin

-produces hormones


-reduces scarring after burns

-reduces eczema

-promotes overall skin tissue health

Psychological effects:

-reduces anxiety, depression, stress

-promotes feeling of wellbeing

-encourages mind-body connection

-useful in hyperactivity disorder

-useful in treating emotional/physical trauma

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